Please Note: HVA have been commissioned by the Young Ambassadors, they will be the organisation responsible for the following aspects:

  1. Distribution of funding: Hold all monies and act as host organisation. Some groups will need intense support for buying individual items. Other groups may use their own host organisation.
  2. Project support: HVA will offer support for projects to run effectively with relevant policies and procedures in place including safeguarding and equalities.
  3. Evaluation/ Monitoring of programme Financially and organisationally records to be kept for all projects. HVA will send out evaluation forms at the end of your funding.
  4. Sustainability: HVA will support projects after their funding ends by sharing funding opportunities and networking events.


You cannot get money for these things

  1. Projects that happen at school during the school day. (Groups can happen after school, at weekends or in the evenings).
  2. Running costs for the organisation such as: council tax; utility bills; vehicle running costs; staff salaries; rent. (NB: Unless this project requires specialist staff or specific venue).
  3. Any projects that have already taken place (prior to June 2019).
  4. Projects that are for individuals or are for personal items.
  5. Projects that promote religious or political beliefs.
  6. Projects that cannot provide clear evidence that young people have been involved.
  7. Charity fund-raising projects.
  8. Projects that are not for the benefit of young people living in Hastings or St Leonards.



Priority will be given to applications that:

  1. Are able to provide clear evidence that the views of children have been taken into account in the development of this bid and the project is clearly needed and wanted by young people.
  2. Are able to show that children have been given a real opportunity to lead a project of their own design and have a supportive adult who is committed to their involvement in the project.
  3. Are ambitious and seek to develop the skills and confidence of children to play a positive and active role in their communities.


Personal Information and GDPR 

  • All personal information will be stored safely. 
  • It will not shared with anyone else.
  • We will only store your personal information for the duration of the programme.


Secure website for uploading videos

  • Children should always be careful when sharing videos online, especially on social media.  We want to reassure we take your safety seriously. 
  • For the application process, your video will not be public, only viewed by IT support and Rachel Nahum.
  • Your video will be shown (but not shared) with the decision-making panel (mix of young people and professionals)
  • If a group is not successful, the videos will be deleted.
  • However, if a group is successful, we may ask groups for their consent to share the videos for promotional reasons.
  • The consent form will need to be completed and signed prior to the video being shared in public for internal or external published materials.
  • If consent is not granted, the video will be deleted.

For more infomation download the pdf here