Whether you are applying by form, or by video, you will need to answer the questions below, and also fill out a table about what you will spend the money on.We've given you some prompts to help below.

If you are making a video, we recommend that you make some notes before so that you know what you are going to say when you make the video. We have also made a video which shows you just how easy it is which you can watch here. Videos must be no longer than 5 minutes.


Children should always be careful when sharing videos online, especially on social media.  We want to reassure you that we take your safety seriously. Your video will not be made public, only viewed by IT support and Rachel Nahum.  Your video will be shown (but not shared) with the decision-making panel (mix of young people and professionals).




2x Footballs


Football Coach 5 x sessions


Hiring the football pitch x 5 sessions


Minibus home x 5 sessions



380 (Max £400)

You must add as much detail as possible about your items as well as a total cost. E.g. number of tickets required, refreshments per session, venue hire per session, Travel, tickets, equipment, refreshments, instructors, venue hire.


It’s important that you check these costs are correct before you fill in the form - before we can give you the money, we will have to check ourselves so this is very important.

You have to tell us the things that your activity needs money for, and how much each thing costs. You will do this in a table which looks like the one above - we’ve done an example with a football club.

1. Who are you? (max 250 words)


Make sure tell us your names, ages and the area you live in Hastings / St Leonards. You might like to tell us how you know each other and why you're working together. 

2. What is your project idea? (max 250 words)


This is where you tell us all about your idea: 

  • Is it a sport, craft, art, music, outdoor activity or something else
  • How many people will come?
  • How many sessions will you have? 
  • When and where will it take place?
  • How did you come up with the idea?

3. Who will benefit from your project and how? (max 250 words)


You can tell us who will be coming to your activity and why you think your idea will be a good thing for them to do. Things like will people be working in a group, learning new skills, having fun, making friends, meet regularly, get fit and anything else).

4. Tell us why this project is needed or wanted (max 250 words)


This is where you can tell us why you think your idea is exciting and needed. Tell us why your passionate about the activity, why it's a good idea and why you want to share it with others.