Do you and your friends have an idea for an activity you would like to do, but haven't got the money?

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If you're aged between 5 and 12 and live in Hastings or St Leonards, we can help!


We're the Hastings Young Ambassadors and we have a fund of £5000 which we're giving to 5 - 12 years olds who have a great idea for an activity or project. Each group can apply for up to £400. 

Group of kids play hockey

We welcome all ideas for activities where children and young people are:


- Working in a group

- Learning new skills

- Having fun

- Making new friends

- Meeting regularly


It can be any idea at all. Maybe it's something you've tried at school before, or something new that you'd like to try!

You can apply using this website with help from an adult. It's really easy, you just need to tell us about your idea and what the money will be spent on. 

We can’t wait to see your ideas and good luck with your application!

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Hastings Young Ambassadors team

Kid playing with paints